How to cycle faster?

3D scan highlights force vectors in real time

TRAIN with specific sessions MORE and REST MORE is obvious or the call to the newbie in the chaingang,  ‘Put it in the big ring and hammer the pedals!’ No matter what age we are and what level we ride at we always want to go faster. Can a bike fit make you faster? Thought a bike fit was just about making you comfy. Well position is about efficiency and therefore links to speed! So what about a bike fit that works to identify your pedalling style and how to maximise and progress your pedalling efficiency. Using Shimano’s 3D Dynamic lab crank technology you have a 360 degree scan that measures mechanical imperfections to create effective force values which accurately tell you how much of your ‘get it in the big ring’ is moving you forward!

So is there a pedalling style that is better for you? Toe down, heel down etc etc. The chat may happen in a group ride or over coffee and cake after the weekend ride. A brief check of TdF winners will show you that even multiple winners such as Jacques Anquetil(toe down), Eddy Merckx (heel down) and Bernard Hinault (more flat) throw a spanner into the works about one particular style is better. The truth is that your range of ankle motion and your biomechanical makeup are unique to you. However, the number of riders who are riding a ‘poor’ position in relation to their present flexibility and bike geometry are still high. You wouldn’t go out to knock your pan in with the brake blocks rubbing (true Robert Miller did say he did it!). If the  position of your saddle is not maximising your pedalling biomechanics then you might as well follow Robert’s brake block friction!

360 view of pedal action highlights muscles action

So maximising your potential is all about knowing what type of pedaller you are. At we use both static and dynamic limb measurements to create and x/y geometry for your bike. With the correct saddle height you will be amazed with the results of your pedal scan. Gain professional feedback on how your hamstrings are working (or NOT). Learn what  hip flexors really are  and then quickly realise how important they are! Get your ass measured and activated hahahaha. If you want to drop your friends on the next ride then your ass is all they will see if you get it working for you!

There is so much to pedalling (we haven’t even touched on cleats!) that is so easy for newbie or experienced riders to learn from a pedal scan. Get in touch and have a go and start cycling faster (or even faster). #cyclefaster

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